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  • krishiunnayanmela
Krishi Unnyan Mela Krishi Unnyan Mela Krishi Unnyan Mela Krishi Unnyan Mela Krishi Unnyan Mela Krishi Unnyan Mela
Date & Venue: Exhibition & Krishak Patshalla 21st - 23rd October 2016; Burdwan

Our Objective

The key objective of “Krishi Unnayan Mela 2016” is to build capacities of small & medium farmers, local entrepreneurs and industry in the State by bringing in modern techniques to attain commercial competencies and an optimal exploitation of the vast array of agricultural and allied produce of the region.

  • Management of soil, water and bio-resources with respect to Agriculture and allied activities
  • Facilitate understanding on the potential of West Bengal in Agri & Food sector
  • Bringing all the stake holder (Farmers, Government, Manufacturers, Educational Institute & Researchers, Banks & Financial institute, Retailers & Distributors, NGO’s etc.) of Agriculture & allied sectors under one roof
  • Bring the advanced and futuristic technologies from various sectors through a comprehensive Buyer-Seller platform offering business opportunity and technology insight.
  • Catalyze the involvement of private sector in commercialization of agriculture and research results in West Bengal and public-private partnership in the entire value chains of farm to final users.
  • Popularizing the use of farmer’s friendly Bio-fertilizer and minimize the use of pesticide and to control the environmental pollution with adoption of integrated pest management
  • Showcase latest machinery, technologies and expertise available in field of Agriculture & Food Processing, Packaging and Distribution required for modernization of the sector and adopting market driven practices

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